The electric car charger

Looking for an accommodation with an electric car charger? Are you going to travel in an electric vehicle and don’t know where to recharge the batteries?

We are pleased to announce that we now offer electric car chargers for our guests. We are committed to the environment and want to do our part to promote sustainability.

Rural caves of Bardenas and villa oasis join sustainable tourism and a small, but at the same time great step is the installation of electric chargers. The future is electric and more and more travelers move driving electric cars to reduce pollution in the surroundings. With our electric car charger, you can charge your vehicle while you relax in our hotel. Whether you’re just passing through or planning an extended stay, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the convenience of our cargo service.

Until very recently, the electric car was considered a means of transport to make short journeys in a city. Today it is no longer necessary to have a second combustion car for this type of trip. With Cuevas Rurales de Bardenas you can plan your getaway where, in addition to disconnecting, you can recharge your car battery, since they are accommodations that have an electric charger. Change the idea, society advances!

Go on vacation with your electric. In addition, by opting for an electric vehicle, you are contributing to the reduction of emissions and the conservation of the environment. We know how important it is to take care of our planet and we are proud to offer this option to our guests. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our electric car charging service. We are happy to help you plan your stay and make your experience as comfortable and sustainable as possible.

We hope to welcome you soon and help you take care of the environment with our electric car charging service!

Cuevas de Bardenas