Alojamiento cerca de Sendaviva

Travelling with children?

Senda Viva Nature and Adventure Park is located just 3 km from our holiday destination complex, the ideal stay for family holidays.

The experience of living and sleeping in a cave house will delight children and adults, there are interesting things to do with the little ones,  a thrilling visit to Barranco Perdido, an exciting paleo-adventure theme park, Royal Palace of Olite and the desert of  Las Bardenas.

7 plans for family holidays

Vacaciones en Senda Viva

Visit Senda Viva Nature Park

Within 3 kilometers from the cave houses, the Park offers different activities, over 800 animals from 200 different species, shows (circus, birds of prey in flight exhibition) and attractions for children and adults. It is open from the 19th March to 1st November at the weekend ( daily in summer months).

Museo de los dinosaurios barranco perdido

Go to Barranco Perdido

Paleontological Centre in la Rioja is just 55 minutes from Bardenas Caves by car. Have fun in the cretaceous swimming pool, visit the dinosaur museum, look for the footprints left by these prehistoric animals and enjoy the thrilling adventure circuit.

Castillo medieval de Olite

Royal Palace of Olite

Visit a fairytale castle in Olite.

Enter with your children into the world of fairy tales and Middle Ages, it is worth to visit Olite and its spectacular and fascinating castle. Certainly, you will love to go into the castle and delight the spectacular views from the towers.

Paseo por Bardenas de Navarra

A walk through Las Bardenas

The location of our holiday destination complex 5 minutes by car to Las Bardenas will allow you to enjoy of the most spectacular desert of Europe. On foot, by bike… children will enjoy a lot an experience similar as being on the Moon.

Fábrica Artesanal de Escobas de Valtierra

Broom Factory of Valtierra

Learn to make a broomstick.
Visit the Broom Artisan Factory of Valtierra, within 100m from the caves. Free visit for families who stay in the caves. You will learn how to make an authentic flying broomstick typical of every witch.

Piscinas Municipales de Valtierra

Valtierra swimming pools

300m from the caves you will find La Plana Sport Center and swimming pools, open during summer season. In the swimming pools, there is a great green area and tennis courts.
Fare is between 4 and 7 € per person, depends on half day ticket or one day ticket.

Calabazas gigantes de Valtierra

Enjoy the vegetable garden and giant pumpkins

Every year we grow giant pumpkins in our own vegetable garden (over 800 kg) and kids have a lot of fun playing around with them.

Cuevas de Bardenas